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Building Intellectual Properties

Want to create and distribute an NFT collection without putting your money on the line? We aid artists, celebrities, and social media influencers by helping them build an NFT portfolio, while granting them full creative control over the process. We’ll help you develop and optimize your portfolio to maximize its success.

Our Services

We provide a variety of services to smoothly integrate NFTs into your established brand.

  • Design: What artwork do you want for your collection? 100 unique drawings? 1,000 handmade graphics? 10,000 AI generated profile pics? We can handle it all.
  • Utility: What will your NFTs do? Grant VIP access to all of your events for life? Vouch for 1 slice of pizza daily? Vouch for 1 piece of merchandise from every upcoming drop? Earn 5% of profit from every merchandise drop? We will set things up in such a way that is consistent with how you do business.
  • Web Development: We can integrate your NFT collection into your existing website, or we can develop a new web presence from scratch to your specifications.
  • Social Media Integration: To maximize visibility, we can integrate your NFT collection into your existing social media presence.
  • Team Building: We can form a team that best suits your business and brand to: moderate Discord, write blogs, manage social media, and most importantly remain active.
  • Launch: We will create your collection on the Ethereum or Solana Blockchain.

NFT’s are a great way to build your audience and community. We’ll help you create a collection that will appeal to your core fanbase, while helping you profit from user engagement.

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